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Meet the Founder

Lila Reyna, Reyna Family Wellness Center

An award-winning author, 4th degree Black Belt, and Certified Frequency Energy Medicine Practitioner, Lila’s passion for running Reyna Family Wellness Center stems from her own journey of empowerment and healing. When a battle with Lymes disease led her to the world of Frequency Energy Medicine and an escape from domestic violence led her to the martial arts world, Lila discovered the 360-degree approach that is required for wellbeing, and she dedicated herself to creating it both in her own life and for others.

Featured Programs

Our programs are offered in person and online with specialized sessions for all ages, each encompassing mind-body-spirit empowerment.

Modern Warrior 


Frequency Energy Medicine Certification 

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What People are

“Lila’s intuitive approach to personal safety and healing is down to earth practical, effective, and mind-blowing all at the same time! I have this reborn passion that makes me excited to live my life. Watch out world, I’m back and here I come!”

Tanya S. 

“Lila’s instruction is an amazing mind-opening, confidence-building experience in the art of wellness and empowerment. She helped me move from a mind-set of victim to a woman of empowerment.”

Mary L.

"Awareness is the foundation of healing, and Lila empowers individuals to find a sense of themselves.”

Angie T. 

Reyna Family Wellness
Reyna Family Wellness
Reyna Family Wellness
Reyna Family Wellness
Reyna Family Wellness
Reyna Family Wellness
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Reyna Family Wellness
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