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Lila Reyna

Founder, Reyna Family Wellness

An award-winning author, 4th degree Black Belt, and Certified Frequency Energy Medicine Practitioner, Lila’s passion for running Reyna Family Wellness Center stems from her own journey of empowerment and healing. When a battle with Lymes disease led her to the world of Frequency Energy Medicine and an escape from domestic violence led her to the martial arts world, Lila discovered the 360-degree approach that is required for wellbeing, and she dedicated herself to creating it both in her own life and for others.


For the past 25 years Lila has owned and operated Gold Country Kuk Sool Won™ martial arts school with her husband, Tony, where they teach students ranging in ages from 2-83. A self-defense expert, Lila is the founder of Action Awareness Training, a personal safety and empowerment organization. She travels nationwide and online worldwide teaching personal safety and wellness seminars. Lila is also a Frequency Energy Medicine practitioner, training under Frequency Energy Medicine founder, Dr. Ondre Seltzer, since 2000. 


Lila founded Reyna Family Wellness Center on the combined wisdoms of Martial Arts and Frequency Energy Medicine with a driving passion to share the integral role in which energy and intuition play in our health, safety and wellbeing.


Through the center's services offered for the whole family both in person and online, Lila has dedicated herself to helping others confront and transform their own challenges and develop powerful life skills for the benefit of their personal wellness, greater self, and quality of life.

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